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Columbia House is releasing the original Knight Rider as part of their "Re-TV" series collection. Visit them at or go straight to the order form.

122 - Legion Of Doom (Fan Favorite #1)
121 - Spy Girls (Fan Favorite #2)
120 - Apocalypse Maybe
119 - EMP
118 - Home Away From Home
117 - The Ixtafa Affair
116 - The Blonde Woman
115 - Angels In Chains
114 - The Return Of Megaman
113 - Out Of The Past
112 - The Bad Seed
111 - Et Tu Dante (Fan Favorite #4)
110 - Oil & Water
109 - The Iron Maiden
108 - Sky One (Fan Favorite #5)
107 - Everything To Fear
106 - Choctaw L-9
105 - Inside Traitor
104 - K.R.O. (Fan Favorite #3)
103 - The A List
102 - The Magnificent T.K.R.
101 - Fallen Nation

Meet the 5 operatives and the vehicles that make up Team Knight Rider.

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