Car Craft Magazine
December, 1997

Hollywood is out of ideas. If this comes as news to you, you haven't been watching television since, oh, Knight Rider went off the air. Fortunately for us, we've got really low standards and enjoy just about any show that has cars going really fast and an endless series of explosions involving used cop cars picked up from an LAPD auction. Hell, we were witness to the '80s!. We lived for Dukes of Hazzard and Knight Rider.

With the original Michael Knight now regularly baring his chest while spouting the Shakespearean dialog that is Baywatch's forte, along comes Team Knight Rider an updated version of the original's world-shattering, crime-fighting, talking car concept.

Team Knight Rider enters first-run syndication this fall and features five talking vehicles and attached actors. This way, subtle variations of the vehicle/human relationship can be explored, leading to profound insights-or maybe not.

Anyhow, the five vehicles are an SUV (a modified Ford Expedition), a Mustang, a half-track "Beast", and a motorcycle with its complementary sidecar (the bike and the sidecar each count as a vehicle). By the time you read this, the show will have been airing for a month or so. The executive producers for this project are Rick Copp and David Goodman, who previously worked on the television shows Wings and Flying Blind. Their other qualifications include being avid comic book fans. We wish them godspeed.

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