Trust Doesn't Rust

"Trust Doesn't Rust" is arguably the best episode of the original Knight Rider series. It introduced KITT's evil twin "KARR", whose primary programming was not to protect human life, but self-preservation.


Sound Files:

What is KARR?:

KARR: I am the prototype of the car of the future
KARR: KARR's opinion of KITT
KITT: KITT's opinion of KARR
KITT/Michael: That car could have been my twin
Devon/Bonnie: Difference between KITT and KARR
Bonnie: KITT's programming is altruistic
Devon: KARR is animalistic
Devon: KARR is like a loaded gun

KARR speaks with his new owners:

Are you awake?
I have no eggs
My creator turned on me
How may I serve you?
I will protect you
I do not wish to go back to the slammer.
Three human needs
Do you need a tune-up?
Someone must care for that other vehicle
I do not understand kidnapping.
I was watching you deactivate the Rev


KARR/KITT: I heard that
KARR/KITT: I didn't know you cared
KARR: I will defend myself
Michael/Bonnie: You always liked her better
KITT/KARR: That is no concern of mine
KARR/KITT: KITT, I am warning you
KITT/Michael: Turn! KARR doesn't have my programming
KITT/Michael: I am assuming control
Bonnie/Michael/KITT: Michael and Bonnie apologize
KARR: Your lives mean nothing to me

Other quotes:

KITT: Why must you socialize with so many women?
KITT: Companionship does not compute
KITT/Michael: I have a strange feeling
KITT: Common problem of human error
KITT: Protect Trans Am reputation
KITT: Thousand-to-one odds
KITT: Irresistible force versus immovable object
Michael/KITT: I'm in your parking space
Bonnie: Even Michael Knight wouldn't eat that
Michael/KITT: Are you ready?
KITT: How did you know you wouldn't chicken out?
Michael: Head-to-head confrontation
KITT: I'm speechless
KITT/Michael: Your logic is illogical

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