The executive producers of Team Knight Rider pose with the cast at Universal Studios' TKR Road Rally in October

Left to Right: Nick Wechsler, Rick Copp, Christine Steel, Kathy Trageser, Brixton Karnes, Duane Davis, David A. Goodman

Rick Copp and David A. Goodman are the executive producers for Team Knight Rider. When Universal Studios decided not to renew TKR for a second season, Mr. Copp offered to share his thoughts on what direction he hoped to take the show in its second season, and addresses some of the many questions left unanswered after the finale.

Rick Copp plays the role of Clayton, The SkyOne Chef. David Goodman played an Engineer in OIL & WATER.

(All text is from Rick Copp; I added reference images and converted episode titles to links. -Mike)

First of all, from the very beginning, we always planned to make Mobius Kyle's father. We set up that Kyle's father was a traitor in HOME AWAY FROM HOME. He turned on both his country and the Russians. Also, in ET TU, DANTE?, Mobius referred to Kyle as "My son." Dan Filie (executive at Universal), however, wasn't too keen on the idea of Mobius being Kyle's father, so we were throwing around alternative ideas towards the end of the season, but in my opinion, TKR's formidable foe turning out to be the team leader's father was always the best resolution of the Mobius arc. He had built a crime empire after he went into hiding and that was how he was able to recruit such TKR villians as Kayla Gordon (E.M.P.), Max Amandes (SKYONE) and Starr (THE IRON MAIDEN, ANGELS IN CHAINS).

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The fact that the Shadow is KITT was an idea that came late to us as we were developing scripts. Our initial intention was to make the Shadow Michael Knight. But we thought it would be far more interesting if the Shadow was actually a hologram that was inside SkyOne all the time. The computer chip of KITT. We hadn't figured out who placed it in there, but it does seem to make sense that it was Michael Knight, who shows up at the very end of LOD. As cheesy as some viewers seem to think, it was our intention to have Jenny be Michael Knight's daughter. We pretty much resolved this mystery that began in FALLEN NATION in ANGELS IN CHAINS. Also, the Shadow (KITT) helps Erica in that episode rescue Jenny from a life in prison. We wanted her father to be somehow watching over her, protecting her. If we had a second season (and hopefully the cooperation of David Hasselhoff-- a long shot as you know), we would have had a reunion between the two. The two characters bridging the two series.

We hadn't thought yet how we would have rescued KITT from Mobius' clutches. That was something we would have worked out if we had a second season. We were planning, however, to bring back Garth Knight (perhaps as Mobius if Filie wouldn't allow us to reveal him as Kyle's father) as well as Goliath. We really wanted to establish our own vehicles and villians in the first year, then reintroduce the history of the franchise as we went along. We didn't want to blow our whole wad so to speak in the first season.

We were really hoping to flesh out our characters more next season. Erica was a very controversial character simply because of her attitude. Our intention was to create someone you might not expect to see on a team of heroes. She worked for some people, and not for others. We tried softening her in episodes that revolved around her (INSIDE TRAITOR, RETURN OF MEGAMAN), and we feel we hit our stride with her in ANGELS IN CHAINS. Next season, we wanted to introduce her husband, her ex-partner in crime, the man who sacrificed her to save himself after a major con. Naturally he would have popped up as a TKR foe.

We also hoped to introduce Trek's parents, and delve more into Duke's past as a Chicago cop. Of all the characters, we feel Duke got the least amount of episodes. Duane Davis is a terrific actor with a lot of range, so our hope was to really flesh out his character and give him more episodes centered around him.

We probably would've still danced around the Kyle/Jenny attraction. After all, pay it off too soon, and you have the last season of MOONLIGHTING. We had a lot of fun with Jenny when Kyle and Kayla met in both EMP and LEGION OF DOOM. So we probably would've brought in more beautiful women to threaten her. Also, though the episode wasn't one of strongest, we liked Jenny's arc in THE IXTAFA AFFAIR. We got to see how the choices she made brought her to where she is today. And that Kyle is probably the man she's been waiting for.

I voted in your favorite episode survey. I picked THE BLONDE WOMAN. An odd choice, I know, but for some reason, I liked the character comedy in that episode. I felt the team and the cars were all playing nicely off each other in that one.

As for future projects, we're negotiating to write an animated movie for Universal right now, and we're meeting on a few one hour adventure shows for the fall, but nothing is definite yet. We're also hoping to develop for the 1999-2000 season, but we'll see.


Rick Copp

I'd like to extend a very special Thank You to Rick Copp for taking the time to share his thoughts with the many TKR fans online. It was a great ride.

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