Show your support for the new action-adventure series "Team Knight Rider" with your own FREE vanity email address. Please take a minute to read through the following pseudo-legal talk before you request an alias. Basically, I am offering this free service as a favor to fans of the Knight Rider franchise, and as such aliases may be cancelled at any time. The domain is not affiliated with Universal Studios, MCA, or any other company.

What is an e-mail alias?
Your current email address will still work, and you will continue to retrieve your messages the way you do now. In addition, any mail sent to will automatically be routed to your current address. Your email software may have some preferences you can set so that when someone replies to your message, the "from" and "reply-to" fields will be your address.

How long will the alias last?
Good question. That may depend on how long the series lasts. I plan on maintaining the website as long as it still receives visitors, which hopefully will be quite a while. However, if for some reason I must close down the site the email alias will be cancelled. I have every intention on giving as much advanced notice as possible if this happens, but I cannot guarantee it.

What can I use for an alias?
All names from the Knight Rider universe are restricted (, etc.). First-name-only aliases (, are being reserved in case the cast and crew would like to use them in the future. Also, any offensive or otherwise inappropriate names will not be accepted.

Any other restrictions? email addresses should be for personal use only. They may not be used to imply any affiliation with Sterling Pacific Films, Universal Studios, MCA, or any other associated company.

What about privacy?
Neither your current email address nor your new alias will be placed on any mailing lists or given to any other organization. Message sent to are routed to only your email address.

How do I sign up?
All requests are being handled through email. Just send a message to and tell me your current email address and your requested alias. For example:

"Please forward to"

You should receive a confirmation email to your new alias within one or two days. You may cancel or change your alias at any time by sending me another email. Only one alias per email address, please.
Welcome to the Team!

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