as Jenny Andrews

Christine Steel stars as Jenny Andrews, a disciplined gymnast, martial arts expert and gorgeous brunette who you'd never guess was a former U.S. Marine, in Team Knight Rider.

Born in Riverside, N.J., Stell spent the majority of her life in San Francisco. When she was 15, she landed the role of Anita in her community theater's lavish production of West Side Story. It was then she knew she wanted to act. At age 18 Steel moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA, where she graduated cum laude in theater arts.

Steel's television credits include feature roles in UPN's Live Shot and Wolf for CBS. Her film credits include leading roles in Inertia and Power Play. Steel also appears in the CD-ROm Riven: Myst II, the sequel to MYST, the best-selling CD-ROM. Starring as Pocahontas in the Walt Disney theatrical production of Pocahontas allowed Steel to display her singing and dancing talents.

Because of her unique ethnic background, Steel is able to play a range of characters including Asian, Native American, Latino and Italian. She is a marathon runner and certified personal fitness trainer. Her other hobbies include basketball, tennis, swimming, volleyball and Tae Kwon Do, a skill that will be incorporated into Steel's tough-girl character.

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