as Duke DePalma

Duane Davis plays Duke DePalma, an ex-cop and former heavyweight boxer with a short fuse and an intimidating style, in Team Knight Rider.

Born in Cleveland and raised in Los Angeles, Davis knew that he wanted to be an actor by the third grade. In 1987, he landed a part in the feature film Summer School, starring Mark Harmon and directed by Carl Reiner. Since then, he has added almost 20 films to his list of credits including Beetlejuice, Universal Soldier, Necessary Roughness, Under Siege, The Program, Little Big League, Steal Big, Steal Little, and The Great White Hype. Most recently, Davis completed the contoversial An Alan Smithee Film.

Davis' numerous television credits include A Different World, 21 Jump Street, Dallas, LA Law, Sisters (on which he had a recurring role) and Dark Skies. He also starred in Final Shot: The Hank Gathers Story for Tribune Entertainment and appeared in the HBO original movie Tyson.

Davis usually performs his own stunts and is looking forward to doing so on Team Knight Rider. His athletic skills range from boxing, kickboxing and martial arts to horseback riding and skiing. Playing Duke DePalma, a man who's quick with his fists and has a natural skill with weapons, gives Davis a chance to display his athletic abilities on a daily basis.

Davis currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and son.

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