Rick Copp and David A. Goodman
Executive Producers

Rick Copp and David Goodman bring a wide array of comedy and action-adventure writing experience to the Team Knight Rider franchise.

Copp and Goodman began their careers writing for the hit television series Golden Girls. Since then, they have written and produced other sitcoms such as Flying Blind, Wings, and the critically acclaimed Dream On. In 1995, Copp and Goodman wrote and produced, with director Brian Levant, original action-adventure cable movie, The Adventures of Captain Zoom in Outer Space, for Universal (then MCA TV). Together they wrote the upcoming feature film Aquaman for Warner Bros. and Muppets In Space for Henson and Disney.

Rick Copp also co-wrote the hit film The Brady Bunch Movie and developed a script based on the bestseller The Rules, both for Paramount Pictures.

Both Copp and Goodman grew up watching television shows like Mission: Impossible and The A-Team and are avid comic book fans. "The thing we are most excited about is that we are getting to put a fun twist on the kind of shows we grew up watching." Team Knight Rider includes explosive, high-tech special effects and futuristic, innovative gadgets reminiscent of the James Bond film series. It also features larger than life, recurring villians.

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