Gil Wadsworth and Scott McAboy

Gil Wadsworth and Scott McAboy, producers for Team Knight Rider, are also partners in Sterling Pacific, a Southern California-based, independent film and television development company. Because of both mens' Scottish background, they named their company after the Sterling castle they envisioned bringing to the Pacific.

Wadsworth and McAboy's credits include action-adventure fare, family action features, 30 minute live action television and one hour episodic television dramas. Among their work is Republic Pictures' children's action-adventure films Storybook (1994), Bigfoot (1994), Little Bigfoot (1995) and Two Bits and Pepper (1995). In addition to Team Knight Rider, they are currently proucing Johnnytime, a half-hour children's show.

The two film makers have more than 40 successful films to their credit. Team Knight Rider provides Wadsworth and McAboy with the chance to bring strong action heroes, flashy vehicles and spectacular special effects to television, as well as the ability to create an innovative and modern version of the original Knight Rider series to old fans and new audiences.

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