Building on one of television's most successful franchises, Team Knight Rider introduces five hot young actors and their sleek futuristic super-intelligent vehicles in a new weekly first-run action-adventure series that debuts in syndication this fall. this elite group of specially trained, undercover government operatives is called upon when conventional law enforcement and national security agencies have tried and failed.

Team Knight Rider requires the combined efforts of five unique individuals and their futuristic cars, computerized extensions of their own personalities. One car and one man are no longer enough.

Brixton Karnes stars as Kyle Stewart, a former CIA operative whose field experience and know-how make him the perfect leader of Team Knight Rider. Fair, honest but ruthless when he has to be, Kyle worries about the safety of his unit, the moral issues involved in some of their assignments and even the chaotic state of the worls. He drives Dante, a fast and versatile sports utility vehicle. Whereas Kyle will often keep his opinions to himself, Dante always reveals what he is "thinking".

Christine Steel is Jenny Andrews, a martial arts expert and former U.S. Marine who also happens to be a gorgeous brunette. Focused, driven and efficient when she's working, Jenny is shy and cautious when it comes to her personal life. The opposite of her reseved personality is Domino, a red Mustang who constantly tempts Jenny to take more risks.

Duane Davis plays Duke DePalma, an ex-cop and former boxer whose expertise in weapons and surveillance is unmatched. An unstoppable force, Duke's actions are always slow and calculated. Beast is Duke's part all-terrain, part tank vehicle that is loaded with winches, cranes, and a laser cannon. Fiercely loyal, the Beast is also the only one who can make Duke lose his cool.

Kathy Trageser portrays Erica West, a beautiful, deceptive con woman whose chief talent is manipulating people into giving her exactly what she wants. Totally unpredictable, Erica keeps the Team Knight Rider members on their toes. They never know if she'll come through for them, but she always does. Erica drives Kat, half of a hybrid motorcycle with sidecar that combines with another hybrid to form a high-pursuit vehicle. The polar opposite of her driver, Kat is a "goodie-two-shoes" overly concerned with rules and regulations.

Nick Wechsler is Kevin "Trek" Sanders, a scientific genius with a slacker mentality. Essentially a "child genious", Trek was 12 years old when he graduated from MIT. An artist and creator who works at his own pace, Trek is not the most ambitious member of Team Knight Rider. He drives Plato, the half of the high-pursuit hybrid vehicle that is consumed with facts, figures and computations. Obviously, Trek and Plato have a strong and efficient relationship.

These five highly trained operatives use their specialized skills and customized vehicles to handle missions assigned to them by the Government. They work together as a solid team, despite tension and conflicting personalities, to guarantee results in situations that seem utterly hopeless.

Team Knight Rider is a Sterling Pacific Films production that is distributed by Universal Television Enterprises. Rick Copp and David Goodman are executive producers. Gill Wadsworth and Scott McAboy are producers.

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