Team Knight Rider features five vehicles with distinct personalities. These futuristic crime-fighting machines are more than just cars, they are extensions of their owners' personalities. Like their predecessor K.I.T.T., the vehicles have infra-red sensors that allow them to communicate with one another and their human counterparts. In addition, they have miniature cameras positioned on their side mirrors and the ability to shoot lasers, missiles, and other weapons.

Domino is a modified Mustang built to resemble a Ford Cobra with scoops on the hood and a white stripe down the center of the car. This red, two-seater convertible is sleek with narrow lights and openings in the front bumper for lasers and fog lights. Other features include ejector seats, a roll bar and side exhaust. Domino is fast and sexy with seductive power and an exotic voice of experience. In contrast to her owner, Jenny, who is often reserved and shy, Domino is a risk-taker with a sense of adventure.

A silver Expedition, Dante is a modified sport utility vehicle. It is large enough to hold the entire TKR unit and serves as its traveling command post. Dante's front end has a grill and a molded guard made of metal plates. The side steps and back windows are completely blacked out. It also has a roof extension as well as specialty tires. Dante is fast, versatile and rugged with a more extreme version of his owner Kyle's personality.

Beast is a black Ford F-150 part all-terrain vehicle, part tank loaded with winches, cranes and a laser cannon. The front and rear have grills and bumper guards. The bed has a hard cover with a light at the top and a roll bar. Beast is stubborn with a "mind" of its own. It does not like taking orders from Duke, his owner, and feels free to talk back.

Kat is half of a hybrid motorcycle with sidecar that combines with another hybrid, Plato. When Kat and Plato join together they form a unique, aerodynamic high-pursuit vehicle. Kat, overly concerned with rules and regulations, is a "goodie-two-shoes,"- unlike her owner Erica - while Plato is a nerdy computer consumed by facts and figures. The latter is so close with his owner, Trek, they communicate in their own language.

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