Knight Rider
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Cast David Hasselhoff (Michael)
Edward Mulhare (Devon)
William Daniels (KITT)
Patrica McPherson (Bonnie)
Rebecca Holden (April)
Peter Parros (RC3)
Episodes Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
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Knight Rider shockwave game
Pilot episode
The Simpsons' parody "Knight Boat"

Knight Rider 2000
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Knight Rider 2010
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Team Knight Rider

Cast Duane Davis (Duke)
Brixton Karnes (Kyle)
Christine Steel (Jenny)
Kathy Trageser (Erica)
Nick Wechsler (Trek)
Attack Beast
Other Press kit
TKR casting call
Thoughts from Rick Copp
Article in Car Craft magazine
Chat transcprit with Rick Copp and David Goodman
Original TKR commercial


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